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instagram and bipolar knitting.

January 13, 2016

Yep, it’s true. I’m doing a little knitting again.

I’m acquiring bits and pieces of my friend’s mother’s stash. In every essence of the word, she had SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond All Life Expectancy). Some of that I am listing on Etsy, and some of it… Well… Hey… There are perks to being the one opening the boxes.

I have a new Instagram obsession too.

I am a bit old school when it comes to social media. I used Twitter for a second – mostly to post URLs that took people elsewhere I was actually using the internet. It took me FOREVER to figure out the point of Pinterest – before I got addicted to it. And it took me FOREVER to figure out the point behind Instagram (I still haven’t – but I’m addicted to it now, nonetheless). Are you on there? Let’s follow each other. I still don’t understand the point of it all that much – it seems minutely more useful than Tumblr. Maybe someone can explain this to me?

I am in the midst of a cowl obsession. I’m knitting this, the Infinitude Scarf (Ravelry link). I’m almost done. I might have completed this in record time. My daughter’s with her dad, my girlfriend is stuck back in Canada until she gets her musician’s visa squared away (and in the totally ironic way of bureaucracy, is missing several gigs in the meantime). I’m home alone, I work from home, and it’s been raining and snowing for over a week here.

Damn straight I’m knitting. I burned myself out a bit on the flower-making, mostly because Christmas and most vending opportunities are over. Knitting goes better with everything for the moment, but that’s what happens when you’re a bipolar knitter. I am, and right now I’m in a manic knitting phase. I’ve knit two cowls, two hats, and i’m about to finish a third and design yet another one in the coming days.

I’ve been good though. I’ve done at least 30 minutes of cardio every morning, and at least as much yoga in the evenings. I love to knit, but it’s going to be another 30 years or so before I allow myself to let knitter’s paunch creep its way in. I think they should print on yarn labels like they do cigarette boxes: WARNING: too much knitting without any other self care will make you fat and flabby. GET OUT OF THE CHAIR, everyone, me included. As much as I hate  you for 30 minutes every day, Jillian Michaels, you are as effective as you aim to be. And as slow as I knit, that’s only a couple of rows lost to some endorphins and lymph movement and a slightly tighter butt. I can hang.

That is all. I follow back on Instagram. See you there. It seems pointless to update this blog more than once a month anyway, since all anyone ever comes here for are five year old free hat patterns (which is fine, too – I’m still enjoying watching people knit them – but for god’s sake, PLEASE stop complaining that I don’t gauge my free patterns. I don’t gauge anything. Free. As in “I shared what I did so you can try doing it too if you wish”. Or you can pay me to pay an editor but I’ll probably just buy groceries instead.

Upcycling fun

December 2, 2015

I debuted these at a local Christmas maker’s fair recently, and they did GREAT. I sold many of them!

I am having SO MUCH FUN with these, because it means I get to make regular trips to thrift stores. Today I came home with a beautiful brown leather purse (it will actually hurt to cut it up, lol – but i know already that i have WAY TOO MANY ALREADY), a white one, and a scrap of dark royal blue kid…

They’re hair clips, or hat clips, or lapel clips, whichever you want… I’m enjoying this process so much, and at the moment I’m having so much fun making them I haven’t knit a thing…

Check ’em out!

They’re on Faerwear on Facebook, as well as on Faerwear on Etsy :) There are some smaller ones available too!

MORE destash!

October 12, 2015

just uploaded a bunch more to Etsy, and i’ve got tons more to come. I’m going to be getting rid of perhaps 2/3 of my yarn stash – I’ve found that I can collect it until the cows come home but I seldom knit with it. I am much better off buying yarn “per project”.

I’ve literally got a four drawer dresser that will eventually wind up on Etsy. I’m going to try and put some up every day my daughter is in school (because otherwise I can’t get anything done).

In addition, at the end of August, I closed my storefront – just a month after I moved into a tiny little cabin from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house – life is all about downsizing right now, and finding ways to pay the bills.

PLEASE take some of this off my hands if you would!

Check out the latest listings on Etsy.

And if you’re looking for some amazing books for your kids, I am also a Barefoot Books ambassador, as well as an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More. you can find my online shops there. Purchases from these companies go toward my daughter’s homeschooling materials – and now that I no longer own a consignment children’s boutique, to the clothing she will need every few months or so, since she is growing like a weed.

destashing has begun :)

July 17, 2015

only a few things so far, but i’ve begun destashing some of my yarn on my Etsy website.

There are also some really beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry (yes, I made them, and there will be more as I continue to unpack), and as I continue to downsize my life, more craft supplies, fabric remnants, jewelry-making supplies, and more. Free shipping on all yarn!

Find and watch for updates here:

It’s not actually fun.

March 30, 2015

So… There i was in the hardware store, inspired by a Pinterest post (yep.  Uh oh) of a bathmat knit from clothesline. Clothesline was expensive. I came home with this 1200+ yard spool of sisal twine instead and decided to double it with cotton and knit a round rug for wiping feet after garden work, or something.

It’s messy, it’s a bit stiff and with double the lack of give cotton normally has, and is being knit on size 17 needles. I much prefer the look of a knitted “pizza” as opposed to a crochet-stitched disc, but crochet would have been a lot easier. It’s not too late, technically, to scrap it, but the chore of casting it on took about as long as knitting these ten rows..

This is the story of my knitting life anymore.

slow days at work mean…

March 11, 2015

i edit stuff, like the ancient “about” page here. My daughter might have been born the last time I made any changes to it.

Also, added my Pinterest link in the main header above and removed the twitter link, because – i might be the only person in the world who doesn’t see the need for twitter (or Instagram, for that matter) and have forgotten to use either in a year… because slow days at work, which haven’t ever happened in the course of the two years i have had this shop (we’ve always been digging through inherited piles, and now that has finally reached an end) mean i get to sit here and do whatever i want with no guilt. Daughter’s at preschool, and i’m wasting time. Yeehaw! I brought knitting (the ever-continuing Nymphalidea shawl), because i always used to say “i dream that someday i will sit in my shop and knit all afternoon” – and i will, just after a little more time on Pinterest.

And I’m on Ravelry too, of course, because things like this have just gotten released, and there’s a contest for a free pattern giveaway for it, and it’s the first time i’ve looked at a pattern and said “I need to do it in that exact colorway and that exact yarn” – except that that exact yarn, Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply, is $26 a skein, and even though you only need one, I’m sure I’ve got some sock yarn in my stash that has been waiting six years or so for its calling. Because I love sock yarn, and for a while I acquired plenty of it, even though every project I started with a fingering weight reminded me of why it’s better I stick with worsted (the answer is “so i might potentially finish it”, in case you were wondering).

Anyway – yes, there’s all this, and i whittled my Ravelry pattern wishlist down to seven pages, too! I did do a little reality-checking here. That pattern for the massive lace afghan? You can save yourself the seven dollars, Dori. How about this incredible sweater with a lace yoke? Also, save your money. With the money you’ve saved removing potential patterns fro your wishlist, you could probably afford that Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply.

And now… back to Pinterest?

i’d knit these and put them in a case.

March 7, 2015

Oh my freaking GOODNESS. I don’t know that i could wear these socks (Ravelry pattern page link) after I knit them. they hold all the challenges i refuse to face – colorwork, tiny needles, and of course, the “second sock syndrome” – it would take me six years to finish one of these in the first place, and then god forbid i had to do it again.

regardless, quite possibly the most beautiful pair of handknit socks i’ve ever seen. if you can beat these, post a link!


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