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Morning Glory cowl pattern now available on Ravelry!

November 16, 2012

Imagewow – mental clarity is finally returning.

ages ago I wrote this pattern for a cowl and I donated the pattern to an organization called Shokay – a non-profit that supported Tibetan yak herders and made yarn from the yak hair that they collected. My GOD it’s soft!

Well, a couple of years later and that pattern, and the sample that I knit and sent off to Beijing, disappeared – I did get a “we got it, we LOVE IT!” and then…  nothing.

Ah well! So many people have asked for the pattern that I’ve taken it back, so to speak – it’s been long enough of a wait (uh, YEAH!) – for those on Ravelry, you can find it here. I’ll have it available in my Etsy store shortly as well (I prefer that people buy from Ravelry, however, if at all possible – pattern update notifications are automatic there! I DO love Etsy, but Ravelry is definitely more convenient for pattern sales). I am also having this pattern sized for children and that will be available very soon as well!

Other than that we’re getting settled in here in Mt. Shasta – I am attempting to knit something – ANYTHING – with an “entertain me 24-7 toddler” – reworking my Motorcycle Gloves pattern to fix a MAJOR math discrepancy (had to hire a new tech editor and everything) as well as knitting something for myself – it’s somewhat similar to a design I’d envisioned in my head already, so I’m knitting this as a learning experience – and also, because it’s someone else’s pattern and all I have to do is knit it. There’ve been some late nights watching movies from bed while I count raglan increases, but I have been really enjoying both Malabrigo lace and Hiya Hiya’s “sharps” needles. Hiya Hiya, btw, is a small, family-owned factory in China that produces these needles together with their smalltown US distributor. I love them, even if they do come all the way from China. They have responded to pretty much every single request we knitters have made to them, and they’re a great, inexpensive set of interchangeable needles.

Anyway – that is all… I’ll let the knitters know when the children’s sized Morning Glory cowl pattern is available! Trying to get that out so folks have time to knit ’em for Christmas.🙂

And also – for Craftsy users, the pattern can be found here.

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